A school year of training for lifelong vocational or volunteer ministry.

Experiencing what it’s like to be on staff at a church

Learning about how to do ministry with a team

Developing specific skill set and spending internship developing a program


Jesus Christ is Savior & Lord; Growing in grace and knowledge of God

Lifestyle fitting for influence of leadership; “Imitate me as I imitate Christ”

College Graduate

Personal & Ministry References

Consistent Transportation to and from Arbor Road Church

10-12 hours each week

Sunday 8:30 am – 12:30 pm // Wednesdays 11-noon; Thursdays 6-9PM

Additional Office Hours vary for each department (flexible with school schedule)

Mid Week Ministry Meeting Times

Available for most additional activities & trips

Other than meeting work can be done in office workspace or at your home/dorm


Letter of recommendation upon completion of commitment

Optional Biola Matching Scholarship:

$1,000 from Arbor Road Church to a student account

Biola doubles if you’re eligible for this need based scholarship

Whether Biola doubles or not / we gift this to your account


Some ministries will have specific job descriptions that they are trying to fill.

Generally, we try and find interns that are faithful, available and teachable. If you have Godly Character, Chemistry with the team and general competence, then we will often design a role around your skills and the ministry needs.