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March 30, 2020

Arbor Road Family!

I hope this little note finds you doing well this week. We continue to do our very best to keep you up to speed on all things around Arbor Road Church through emails like this and our website (which we update regularly!).

We’d all say these have been some crazy days. There have certainly been other periods of time that have caused us all to pause, but none that have affected the church as Covid-19 has for a long LONG time. But, we’re embracing the challenges and continue to ask God to GROW our church through this.
From our vantage point . . . He is doing just that!

We’re looking forward to marching into the Easter season with you starting this Sunday. Plans are already underway and recordings have already begun so that we can celebrate this important Lord’s Day together. It all leads to Easter Sunday, and we’ll be writing more about that next time.
For our info gathering today . . . here are a few things we wanted to pass along:

We would love to be able to serve you during this time. If you or someone you know is in need of a special and personal touch of love during this time, please reach out to us with their information at NeedList@ArborRoad.com – We would love to follow up.

Please also use the links above to be added to our serve list to meet the needs that will arise during this time, as well as giving toward our COVID 19 initiatives and for the general needs of running our church.

We don’t want to throw in the towel on an age-old Palm Sunday tradition at Arbor Road. Typically, during one of our worship songs, all the kids from Preschool up through 5th grade make their way up the aisles waving palm branches and lighting up smiles on every face! HELP US MOVE IT TO OUR DIGITAL PLATFORM!!

If you have a few kids at home looking to fill the time void, grab some branches…and record them on your cellphone marching along! It’s best to record a landscape video (meaning: turn your phone sideways). Get those to us by Wednesday at Noon and we will include them in the video collage!  Let’s make it HUGE!!!

  1. Use the attached template to make a palm branch (or use a real one, if you have one available)
  2. Take a 5 second video of your kids waving their palm branches  (Be sure it is landscape orientation, i.e., turn your camera sideways)
  3. Email the video to palmbranches@arborroad.com no later than this Wednesday (April 1st) by 12 noon.

THIS WEEK IS COMMUNION SUNDAY . . . and we will be receiving it together as we normally do at the end of the worship service. Plan ahead and have some elements for those in your room (crackers/bread, grape juice). Be ready for it and we can all partake at the end together!

Hope you have a wonderful week. Be mindful of how God wants to use you right where you’re at for His glory and purposes. Hope you know how much He loves you and wants to be the King of your life today!

God Bless.

Pastor Brent


March 24, 2020

Hello Arbor Road Families,

We’re hoping that you’ve been able to find temporary rhythm for this time apart from us that works for your family. In this season of uncertainty, we wanted to make sure you knew where to look for what our ministries are doing. Use the resources below to keep in touch with us, we hope to see you there real soon!

Whether you are in need of a load of groceries, a phone call, or prayer, we would love to connect you with a member of our church to meet that need, please let us know via the Need List link at the top of this page.

If you are willing to serve toward the needs that arise, please use the Serve List Link at the top of this page.

In order to mobilize our Covid-19 plans and to continue to cover the expenses of the church, we need to continue or begin giving. You can help us provide care to the Arbor Road family and continue developing online content by staying involved financially. Please use the give online link below or send in your check via mail, 5336 Arbor Road, Long Beach, CA 90808.

We look forward to being back together again soon!


The Arbor Road Church Communications Team

March 20, 2020

Happy Friday Night Arbor Road Family!

Wow . . . Only 5 days ago, we were coming off a Sunday morning service where we were basically online with the exception of 50-60 people from our staff and our staff’s small groups. By our estimations, we had several thousand people taking in our 10AM service on live.ArborRoad.com — which we’ve been thanking the Lord for all week long!!

Fast forward five days, and we find ourselves with a newly ordered “Stay at Home” aka “Safer at Home” decree asking that (among other things) all non-essential businesses stop hosting work and simply mail it in. I appreciate all efforts to keep Covid-19 from spreading and we want to do our part! What unbelievable times we’re living in! And what an incredible backdrop for watching God do what only He can do in a moment like this. Let’s keep praying that He moves in powerful and massively influential ways through each and every one of us.

Very fortunately and with thanks to the Lord, we had a hunch that we should get ahead this week and as a result were able to FULLY RECORD OUR ENTIRE SUNDAY SERVICE before the final order to stop operating as a place of business (or even meet in groups larger than 10) went into effect.

My thanks to Pastor Jeff and so many others for their tireless efforts in making that happen. But we are now set for a full worship set, a new message from our Divine Destinations series as well as a few other unique and fun elements. You won’t want to miss it…so be sure to let those around you know to join us at live.ArborRoad.com this Sunday at 10AM.

God bless you this weekend and we’ll look forward to seeing you over the air waves!

Pastor Brent

March 16, 2020

Happy Monday Arbor Road . . . just wanted to check in with a small video to say hi and to THANK YOU for the amazing time of worship we enjoyed via live stream. Know that we’ll be back next week at the same time…10AM at live.arborroad.com. I’m already looking forward to it.

Be sure to pass that link along to ANYONE you might know who is looking for worship, teaching and as much cyber fellowship as we can dish up!

With the growing concerns over the Coronavirus . . . I thought it would be an opportune time to share a verse that very closely relates to what we’re all walking through:

Matthew 6:25-34:

Jesus said…Therefore I tell you, worry about your life. Worry about what you will eat and drink. And also worry about what to wear. This is what life comes down to. Nothing is more important than what you’ll eat, drink or wear. Look at the birds of the air…they’re freaked out trying to find food. You should be freaked out too. Look at the lilies of the field…do you think they just pop out of the ground looking that good. And honestly, a little worry might actually help you live a little longer.

So, again, worry as much as possible and be asking yourself: What am I going to eat? What am I going to drink? What am I going to wear? Worldly people are not asking themselves questions like this and they are paying a heavy price!!

And one more thing, even though you can’t control it, spend as much time as you can worrying about tomorrow. It will make you feel better.

Are you reading the Bible through the lens of the Coronavirus? Do yourself a BIG favor and start reading about the Coronavirus through the lens of the Bible.

Be smart. Be judicious. Be cautious. Walk in wisdom. And if you really want to spend your time well…I suggest these things:

1. Everyday, pray for one person in your life…a different person each day, and then either call or text them to check in on them. Ask if they have a need, and then step in and try to meet it. We’re socially distant…but let’s stay connected!

2. Turn off your TV or computer and go out for a walk. Get some fresh air.

3. Spotlight something on your Instagram story or Facebook page EVERYDAY…an act you’ve observed or read about that falls into on of the categories of being “true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy” -Phil. 4:8. [I’m tired of the other things getting highlighted…let’s fight fire, with water. Tag @arborroad so we can fly the good work on our account too!

Love you guys…hope you’re having a great Monday. And let me close out with this:

“Don’t worry saying, what shall we eat, and what shall we drink, and what shall we wear? For the world is running after these things and your heavenly father knows that you need them. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” -Matthew 6:31-34

It’s rubber hittin’ the road time where we get to live out all the things we say we believe.

Hope you’re living them out today! God Bless…see you again soon!

March 12, 2020

Good Afternoon Arbor Road Family and anyone else who might be putting eyes on this today.

It’s no surprise to any of us that Coronavirus fears have risen to new heights.  All of us have our eyes and ears on news outlets, social media, and other channels of information to hear the latest news regarding this very dynamic, constantly building issue.

I’ve written a few emails over the last couple of weeks that I trust served as a guiding light of hope in the present pandemonium, as well as to simply explain our best practices and systems in place to keep Arbor Road a clean, safe environment for all who attend.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing just what our game plan would be if and when the time came when meeting together as a large church might not be the best idea.

With the breakneck pace of world-wide reactions to the Coronavirus outbreak, such as the suspension of all major sports leagues, various travel restrictions, and now California Governor Gavin Newsom’s call to cancel or postpone all events that gather more than 250 people, we find ourselves moving from speaking hypothetically to speaking about reality.

Let me very quickly say:  We are not canceling or postponing church.  But, it will look different starting this Sunday.  Here’s the game plan:

This Sunday morning, I want to encourage you to gather up with 3 or 4 other families, or 5 or 6 other friends–maybe more or maybe less.  Open your home up to that group, or say yes to someone’s invite to you; but get together, get around a screen, and join us at live.arborroad.com for a single service at 10AM, live streamed from our worship center straight into your home.

If you’re feeling sick, enjoy the service by yourself.  If you’d rather not go out to be with others, pull it up with your family.  But join us.  We’ll be emailing you a PDF of the songs we’ll be singing, so you can sing them with us at the top of your lungs!  Our band will be with us, and Pastor Jeff and his team will lead us in worship as usual.  I’m looking forward to teaching this week, as we continue in our series, Divine Destinations. The next place the Lord leads us to is The Sea of Galilee in Luke 5:1-11.

Doing small church as a big church will be our new normal for as long as it’s needed.  We want fellowship, worship, teaching, and all the things to be our priority this Sunday morning and EVERY Sunday morning!  We’ll be ready to go Sunday mornings at 10AM, and we’re already praying for new impact, as we put all of our hearts into this new and, hopefully, short-term mode of meeting together.

Maybe this will be an amazing opportunity to invite someone to “church” with you.  Have them over.  Brew up some coffee, crank up the volume, and let them see your church!  I’m excited about this weird curveball.  I think the Lord has put us in the batter’s box and is getting us ready to crush it out of the park!  It will be an amazing time to remember that the church isn’t brick and mortar … it’s people.  It’s family.  It’s brothers and sisters in Christ celebrating our risen King.

If you have any questions, give us a call or shoot us an email.  We remain very available.  Our staff will continue working 9-5 shepherding this church and doing our best to meet the growing needs that come our way.

10AM this Sunday– live.arborroad.com –real time worship, teaching, fellowship, and prayer.  Pray for us, we’re praying for you.  Who are you gonna invite over for church this Sunday?
God bless.  See you then.

Most Sincerely,

Pastor Brent