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Audio Stories: Episode 1 | Discovering Christ

A week ago, we took a look at Acts chapters 23-26 and read about the various leaders that Paul spoke to rejecting what Paul had to say. Pastor Brent commented on a specific verse, Acts 26:27-28, and said, “King Agrippa rejected truth. When God gives you something of truth, hold on to it, don’t let it slip through your fingers.”

A few days ago, we read Acts 27 and saw how Paul was able to deliver hope to the sailors caught in the middle of a storm. Pastor Darin said, “Paul has the opportunity to provide the only light, a singular light, the light of the power of God that’s only viewable via faith.”

In both sermons, Paul was following the truth he received from God and shared it with the people around him.

In light of that, we wanted to share with you our first audio story about a member of our church community, Gerald Grant, and his own pursuit of this truth, this light that God revealed to him.

Produced by: Robert Heckert

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