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Everyday Miracles

“God changes lives.”  Pat Wascher knows what she’s talking about. She’s seen it in the lives of her kids and grandkids. With a  daughter who was moving from one unhealthy relationship to the next, a son also rebelling against God, and grandchildren who needed stability and good role models, Pat knew that there was only one source of help, and it wasn’t any human being.

Eight years ago, Pat and her friend, Kathy Smalley noticed how frequently people in their Sunday school class, Truthseekers, were asking for prayer for their grandchildren. Grandmothers In Touch was created for grandmothers who wanted to be a part of a community that prayed for their families. They meet each Thursday and pray for their kids and grandkids relentlessly. Pat told me, “God answers prayer for all things, big and small. God loves our children and grandchildren a lot more than we do.” She saw this in her own life.

Years ago, Pat asked for the group to pray for her daughter Becky and her granddaughter Maddie, because they were going through some hard times with Becky’s husband. Becky met him while they were both attending a support group as recovering drug addicts. The emotional fallout and tension from their brief marriage and divorce was hard on Maddie. Pat could see that Maddie needed protection from the conflict and turmoil. So the grandmothers prayed.

Later, Maddie came to know Jesus and she badly wanted to be baptized, but her father was consistently a roadblock; he made difficulties and delays whenever it was mentioned. The grandmothers prayed. Maddie was growing in her new faith. She wanted to go to summer camp with the church. Where would the money come from? The grandmothers prayed. Maddie learned of an opportunity to go on a ten-day mission trip to Africa. How would she find the support? Would her parents let her travel halfway around the world? Could this even happen? The grandmothers prayed, and God was faithful. Three years of prayer resulted in Maddie’s baptism. Money was found for summer camp every single year. Maddie went on the mission to Uganda last summer, supported in part by Arbor Road.

Pat also asked the grandmothers to pray for Becky as she began dating again. Pat noticed that she was drawn to men who weren’t good for her or Maddie. Finally, Becky decided that enough was enough; she needed to make changes, she needed to get right with the Lord. From now on, she would only date a man if he was a committed Christian who was growing and involved in his church.

Her new resolve was tested when Becky and her dad, Loren decided to try line dancing. She met a man named Paul there and thought, “I’m not getting involved with a guy I meet in a place like this.” But later, she and her brothers went there again – and there was Paul. This time when he asked for her number, she told him that she wasn’t interested in anyone who wasn’t committed to Christ. Paul answered that he was there with his men’s life group and then explained to her how important his relationship with Jesus was. She was convinced and they started dating.

Becky and Paul are now married and attend Arbor Road and belong to a Sunday morning class and a life group. Pat can see the transformation in Becky. “Prayers from this group have changed her life, and she knows it, too.” She is thankful for Paul, whom she calls, “ … the most wonderful Christian man and step-dad extraordinaire! He is a gift to my family,” she says. “This is what prayer does. God goes above and beyond what you ask.”

Pat told me that time after time, the group saw the answers to their prayers for their grandchildren result in powerful changes for their whole families. “It’s just amazing, when we come together and we are praying for each other’s grandkids, and we see God work in that child’s life, and in their parent’s life, and it’s like a domino effect.” The transformation of Becky’s and Maddie’s lives was just one of many miracles that the group has seen God work through the years.

“How could any of that have happened if I had just talked to them and if the Holy Spirit hadn’t been involved? I don’t think it could happen. You couldn’t do that if you sat down with them. You couldn’t make things better for them if you wrote them a check or if you enrolled them in programs, because what is to happen in their lives are the changes that come through a relationship with Jesus Christ.” Pat acknowledges that her own inability to control events has enabled her to see God at work. The same is true for all of the answers to prayer the group has experienced.

“People say to you, ‘Well, we have this problem and I’ve talked and I’ve talked, and nothing’s happened,’ and I say, ‘You know, you need to go in the back door. You need to just get on you knees. You need to just sit there with the Holy Spirit, with the Lord, and say, help.’ And that’s what we do in Grandmothers In Touch. Sometimes it’s not the moon exploding, or fireworks; it’s the small things. But they come together. And we know that these things have happened because we have prayed.” Small things, adding up to life-changing transformation through prayer is what Grandmothers In Touch is all about.

Written by: Val VanWinkle

Interested in praying for your grandchildren? Join our Grandmother’s In Touch group! For more info click here.

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