Choose 1 or more activities to do with your family throughout the week. Share photos and videos on our Instagram @arborroad. Use #ARCFamilyFun to tag your posts!

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Take a look at this Easter video made by Gavin Ohrberg!
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April 12-18

Nature Pressings

Walk around your neighborhood or yard and collect leaves and flowers

Use some plastic wrap or paper towels to press them between a few large books for a few days and see what happens!

Make sure to take photos of how they turn out and tag us #arcfamilyfun!

Hot Potato!

Play Hot Potato with a soft object (stuffed animal, squishy ball, rolled socks, etc.)

As you toss the potato, name someone you love or name something you’re thankful for

Mess-Free Painting

You’ll need a ziplock bag & colorful paint for this one!

Fill the ziplock bag with dots of different colored paint.

Zip up the bag securely and let your child “finger paint” by moving his/her fingers around and mix the colors and make designs (no mess)!

If you want to be extra safe, put the first bag inside another bag and make sure both are fully closed.

Tag us in your photos! #arcfamilyfun

April 5-11

Crazy Clash Fashion Show


Have your family members put on clothes that clash (think Polka Dots with Plaid print, or neon pink with emerald green, etc.).

Play some fun music & have a family fashion show!

Make sure to take some photos or videos & tag #arcfamilyfun!

Play Freeze Dance

Play your favorite worship playlist, & dance together to the music. When the music stops, everybody FREEZE in a dance pose!

The last person to freeze is out. Repeat until you have a winner & then play again!

Choose someone to control the volume on the music & one person to snap some photos.

Free Build

Grab your legos for this one! 
Don’t have legos? Use other blocks or things that stack!

Work together to build a scene from your favorite Bible story.

Now build Noah’s ark or Jonah & the whale.

Then, work together to do a free-build together, take turns adding blocks & see what fun creations you can make!

Take photos along the way & tag us in the fun #arcfamilyfun

March 29-April 4

Make a Thankful Jar

Find a spare glass jar or bowl and fill it with drawings, notes, or pictures of things you’re thankful for this week. Drop a new note in the jar every day or throughout the day as you think of things.

Take a look as a family at the end of the week to see how your family was blessed & how God provided this week!

Go on an Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of things God has made and take a walk to find them.

Take pictures of what you find & review them later as a reminder of how GREAT our God is! Don’t forget to tag #arcfamilyfun!

Chalk Your Walk
Brighten up your sidewalk by drawing pictures & writing Bible verses for your neighborhood to enjoy.

Take a photo or video of your masterpieces & tag us on Instagram using #arcfamilyfun!