Dear MSM families,

Every day, your kids are bombarded with hundreds of messages about sexuality: at school, on TV, the internet, “that one friend” – no matter how hard you may try to protect them, we cannot avoid the fact that we live in a sex-saturated society. Much of this exposure contains harmful messages and inaccurate ideas that lead our young people to develop distorted understandings and to make foolish decisions. These bad decisions can result in deep wounds, hurts, and painful memories that can last a lifetime.

I desire for MSM to be a place where we engage these topics wisely and biblically. We want students to be prepared and equipped to navigate this significant aspect of life faithfully. We also want to encourage and equip you, as their parents, to be able to engage your child in a helpful and thoughtful way on this subject.

With this as our goal, we will be conducting a 4-week series in February called “God’s Design”. In it, we will be discussing God’s design of humanity, God’s design of making us male and female, and God’s design of sex. We hope that this series will provide the opportunity and tools for you as parents to have fruitful conversations with your child.

Why talk about Sex in Middle School? 

For too long we as Christians have let other voices direct and dominate the cultural conversation on sex.” –  Brett Kunkle/John Stonestreet, “Recapture the Wonder of God’s Story”

Our students are growing up in a post-sexual revolution society. With smart phones, streaming services, entertainment ads, other students, and so much more, even the most innocent of middle schoolers have simple access (intentional or unintentional) to pornographic/sexual material. In the midst of these challenges we want to thoughtfully engage and lead the conversation about sexuality by giving a clear picture of God’s beautiful design for sex.

To give you a better sense of what we’ll be covering during this series, here is an outline and overview of how this series will be organized:

What will the teaching for this series look like?

Series Goal:
To provide students a biblical perspective on God’s design of humanity and sex, and equip them with a clear vision of what a faithful life can look like in this area.

This will be a four-week series that will aim to provide a firm, biblical foundation on God’s design for humanity and sex, beginning with God’s design for humanity in Genesis 1.

Weekly Teaching: 

•    (2/7) WEEK 1: God’s Design of Humanity

•    (2/14) WEEK 2: God’s Design to be Male and Female

•    (2/21) WEEK 3: God’s Design for Sex

•    (2/28) WEEK 4: How do we Live in Light of God’s Design?

Wednesday Night’s (6:30 – 8:15pm)

Each Wednesday will consist of fellowship, teaching, and worship. Our messages will be a very important component to this series.

Sunday Morning Small Groups (10:45am – 12pm)

Our Sunday Morning Small Groups will provide our students the opportunity to discuss and engage these issues in a more intimate environment. These small group discussions will be paired with a detailed  recap of the Wednesday night messages and will serve as an important piece to this series. Our small group leaders will be trained to effectively lead these groups through this series.

Parent Permission 

Lastly, it is important to us that you are with us in this effort to equip your child in this regard. For a student to participate in this series, they will need your approval beforehand.