How to Use Curriculum

Our goal for curriculum is for us to communicate the points of the weekly message so that you are prepared to discuss with your small group. It is ok if you veer off the curriculum discussion a little as long as you are able to bring it back to the main point.

Here are some tips for utilizing the information you will receive:


A little planning ahead builds confidence

  • If you can only do one thing, understand the big idea and take time to think it over (if you know the main point, you’ll be able to help your group understand it too!)
  • Consider questions that your group will have about the content
  • Plan the adjustments you’ll need to make to help the content suit your group better
  • Pray for great conversations to come out of your discussions


You are not reading a script; you are facilitating a discussion

  • Don’t be scared of questions that aren’t in the curriculum but on topic
    • Ask for help from your Department Lead or another small group leader if you cannot find the answer, and get back to the student
  • Do not feel the pressure to get through all the questions
    • As long as good discussions are taking place about the topic, that is totally fine
  • Do not be discouraged if you do not see immediate improvement in your students, remember it is not you but God who transforms hearts


The impact of group meetings continues after the gathering ends

  • If there was a question that really helped your group engage the big idea and open discussion on the topic, share that with your Department Lead
  • If there was a question that landed flat or lead to simple one-word answers, share that with your Department Lead
  • Give yourself and the curriculum grace; no curriculum is perfect and the discussion will not go perfectly every week
    • Celebrate wins even if it is just the fact you read the Bible