JULY 8-14, 2018


Hume is for students entering 6th-12th Grade. 

COST:$625 if paid by June 6 (Cost increases to $640 after).

A $100 non-refundable deposit saves your spot.


About Hume Lake

Hume Lake Christian Camps is a phenomenal place for students (6th-12th grade) to get away from the busyness and distractions that young people face on a daily basis and have an incredible camp experience. When you come to Hume, you will hear the gospel preached, be challenged through scripture, engage in sweet worship through music and get some time alone and with your church to process what God did in your life up here at camp. Hume Lake takes pride in its high energy recreation allowing kids to be kids. If you allow it, a week at Hume can and will change your life forever.

Middle School Camp

High School Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

How are students getting to and from camp?
The church charters busses to and from Hume Lake.

When does the group leave for camp?
Check In begins at 7am and the buses will leave as soon as the students are checked in.
Please arrive on time, so that you can have your student checked in and ready to go. The bus will leave promptly and students that are more than 30 minutes late will have to provide their own transportation to camp.

When are they back from camp?
The Bus is Scheduled to arrive at 5:00 pm Saturday.
You can receive more accurate times by following our @arbortrips account on twitter.


• sleeping bag
• pillow
• towel
• washcloth
• soap
• swim suit (ladies-Hume requires a one-piece)
• toothbrush & toothpaste
• various other toiletries
• flashlight
• casual clothing
• a jacket / sweatshirt for cold nights
• spending cash
• Bible, notebook, and pen


• Put your name on all your belongings. (sharpie marker on the tag)

• Note on Cell Phones: Students can bring their phones with them to call home on the way to camp and on the way home. The camp has a no phone policy so if the phone is a distraction in camp, it will be confiscated.

My student takes prescription medication, what should I do? 

When you check your student in, please have them in a separate large ziploc bag and ready to turn in. Please include a simple instruction sheet including how often and what its for. PLEASE make sure they are in the original bottles.

If your camper carries an inhaler for asthma please have them carry it with them. If they have additional inhaler for acute asthma attacks please turn that in with medications.

The camp can provide basic over the counter meds as needed.

• NO Electronic Music/Games (i.e. iPods & Nintendo DS): These are a  distraction in camp and could get lost.
• NO Weapons- Anything they can’t bring to school (i.e. pocket knife)
• Careful with Precious Items: We encourage families not to send them to camp with something so valuable. If you’d be heartbroken if it came home damaged or didn’t come home at all, keep it at home.
• DON’T OVERPACK- They’re gone for 6 days, they shouldn’t have more stuff than they can carry.
• Put your name on all your belongings. (sharpie marker on the tag)

• Students are required to bring money for lunch on the road Sunday and Saturday. Enough for a fast food meal. (You may want to pack this in a separate bag or in an envelope. Often students spend all their money as soon as possible.)

• The Hume Lake Snack Shop, General Store, Gift Shop, and Clothing Company will be open throughout the week – for all their candy and souvenir “needs”. 

• Also there are fees for boat rentals (a few bucks) and paintball (a few more bucks).

• We recommend $50-$100 of spending money. 

Hume Lake has a great staff up at camp. They’re trained for anything that might come up while in camp and do all summer long. We bring our own adult leaders as the counselors who have been through our General Staff and Camp Training.

If a student is new, and knows one or two people, we are always sure that they are in a cabin with the person they came with. It is impossible to be sure that everyone is in their perfect cabin, but we do our best.

• Swimming
• Ping Pong
• Roller Skating
• Kayaking
• Group Games
• Zip Line
• Skateboarding
• The Blob
• High Ropes Course
• Canoeing  
• Volleyball  
• Paintball
• Rope Swing
• Basketball
• Meetings include a live band, videos, dramas, and teaching.
• And More…

• Email: You can email messages to your student via the Hume Lake website. Please make sure your student’s full name is on the email in the subject line. They will be delivered at the next meal. Information for this should be on Hume’s website when you complete their Medical form.

• US Mail: Campers full name, Church Name-Dates of Camp, Ponderosa Camp (for High School) or Meadow Ranch (for Middle School), 64144 Hume Lake Road, Hume, CA 93628

• If there is an emergency, contact the camp office by telephone 559-305-7770.