Wondering how to get plugged in here? Take a look at the following ways you can get started!


9:00 AM

Union – A class for married couples ages 20 to 30. Meets in A110.

One Another – A preparatory class which teaches how to read the Bible. Meets in A211.

Joy – A class for adults with special needs who are ages 18 and over. Meets in T105.

Bridge – A class for parents who are divorced, remarried, or single. Meets in A100.

Truthseekers – A class for the baby boomer generation and empty nesters. Meets in A210.

Challengers – A class of adults who are in their early senior years with classroom style teaching. Meets in A208

Fellowship – A class for senior adults. Meets in A125.

10:45 AM

KidStuff – Children’s ministry programs for 1st-3rd grade in MacPherson.

45 – Our 4th and 5th grade students gather for worship and teaching. Meets in the Fieldhouse.

Middle School Ministries (MSM) – Middle school students gather for worship and teaching. Meets in A205.

High School Ministries (HSM) – High school students gather for worship and teaching. Meets in A202.

Vista – A class for anyone between the ages of 30 & 40. Meets in A110.

Homefront – A class to help adults lead their families. Meets in A210.

Solutions – A structured survey of scripture. Meets in T211.

Deaf Ministries –  A community for deaf adults, those who identify with deaf culture or are currently studying ASL. Meets at 10:30am in T216. 


Whether you’re learning from people in different walks of life or in the same stage, our hope is that your Life Group will be a place where you can be truly known and encouraged in your walk with Christ.



For every person who has committed their life to Christ.


Baptism is the physical demonstration of commitment and identification with the Lord Jesus in his death, burial, and resurrection. 


We believe that baptism is an outward sign of an inward change! By asserting your faith in Christ publicly and then being submerged beneath the waters of baptism, you have the opportunity to not only obey Jesus’ command, but to join the ranks of countless Christians before you who have faithfully followed Christ’s example.

If you are a believer in Jesus and have not yet had the opportunity to be baptized, we’d love celebrate with you as you take this beautiful step of obedience in response to the saving work of Christ in your life!


At Arbor Road Church we believe that reading God’s Word is foundational to a relationship with Him. But we know that starting to read the Bible can be pretty intimidating. That’s why we’ve provided you with the tools to begin! Below, you’ll find a link to a Bible Reading Plan that will help you navigate through, starting with the life and teachings of Jesus.


If you’ve decided to make our church your home, we’d encourage you to get involved! There’s no better way to see God at work than to serve alongside others in ministry. 

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