Incorporating God’s Word

As you start to spend more time with your students outside of group meetings, you will be able to gage their spiritual walk and spiritual maturity. A great way to incorporate the Bible into your time with students is to start by sharing your own spiritual walk.

  • The most important part of being a leader is loving and enjoying Jesus ourselves
  • Our goal is to lead students in loving and enjoying Christ and our students must see us doing this
  • Being a leader is not merely passing down facts and advice, but being someone who loves Jesus and has a desire to reflect that love in all aspects of life
  • So, grow in being a disciple of Christ daily; in order to help people love and follow Christ, we must do it first
  • If you are loving and enjoying Jesus in your own life, it will overflow in how you hangout with your student; they will see this in you

The following is a list of some ways to bring your students into your spiritual growth. As you get to know their spiritual maturity, you will know which types of conversations will match their experiences with God. It is best to share your own experiences first and be realistic about their level of interaction with their faith.

  • Share what God is doing in your life or a passage from the Bible that has impacted your walk with the Lord
  • Pray with them
  • Ask for prayer requests, pray for them and follow up with them
  • Ask them what they think about the topics and Bible passages they have been learning about in church
  • Be open to their questions about God or the Bible
  • Ask them what God is teaching them
  • When they share experiences, whether they are happy/sad/hurtful, ask them how they see God working in those situations
  • Ask about what they are reading in the Bible
  • Ask them about their prayer life
  • Be yourself! If you love Jesus, you will inevitably talk about Him