Hello Potential Intern!

My name is Trent Lewis, I’m the Pastor of Ministries at Arbor Road Church.  Part of my role at the church is overseeing many of our church’s interns. We have intern opportunities in many other departments as well (Missions, Care & Counseling, Worship & Arts), and I would love to see you get connected with those ministries if that fits. Attached are descriptions for our Youth Departments.

One of the great things about our church is that we have a staff that works together in the office and generations that worship together in the congregation. While you’re considering an internship for next year, I would encourage you to start by visiting Arbor Road. We want you to partner with our church and be a participant, not simply ‘work’ here. If you have a church that you are very plugged into during the school year, then I’d encourage you to try and find service opportunities there. We are looking for people that would make Arbor Road their church home for at least a year.

As you consider an internship, you have an exciting opportunity ahead of you. I have had a “church job” for the last 15 years and it all started with an internship. I found out what working at a church was like and confirmed my call to ministry. I also have many friends who started serving in an internship role which determined that ministry is a place to volunteer rather than a vocation to pursue. I think my experience and my friends’ experiences are success stories. Internships have lifelong impact, whether or not you are planning on a job. Either way we want you to be trained for vocational or volunteer ministry through our program.

So, we are looking for quality people to discover gifts and make a powerful impact on the people in our church. I’m asked all the time what I look for, and these are the basics…

  • Character: Has a lifestyle that calls people to imitate them as they imitate Christ.
  • Chemistry: Connects with the supervisor and others on the team.
  • Available: Has the time to intern and lead a life with balance and margin.
  • Teachable: Willing to learn from other leaders and their supervisor.
  • Competence: Can get basic tasks done and is a self-starter.

Our internships are not just more reading, they are hands-on ministry opportunities. We believe you will learn by doing. Very soon you could be taking the book knowledge that you’re acquiring and applying it to the lives of people in an active and vibrant church.

We’re excited that you’re considering Arbor Road internships!

Trent Lewis

Pastor of Ministries