Whether you’re learning from people in different walks of life or in the same stage, our hope is that your Life Group will be a place where you can be truly known and encouraged in your walk with Christ.



A Life Group is a small group of people who meet weekly to cultivate relationships that encourage one another to grow in Christ. This basically means we are serious about building relationships and knowing Christ through His Word. On a regular night, you can find us connecting about the week, studying Scripture and praying for one another. Our hope is that Life Groups will be a place where people know, love and care for one another.

Life Groups meet on various nights throughout the week. Most groups meet in homes, but you may find some meeting in coffee shops or at a specific location. Find a night of the week that works best for you!

Groups will range between 8-15 people. Once the group gets larger than 15 it can be difficult for everyone to participate. Our hope is that all group members have the opportunity to be heard and known.

Life Group meetings will last between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on the group. You can find that information when you sign up. We understand life can get busy, so our leaders will make sure to start and end on time.  

When you join a Life Group, you are committing to 10 weeks of attending and participating in your group. The number of weeks may change for each session, but generally you can expect a 10-week commitment. We will have three 10-week sessions throughout the year taking December and the summer months off. Life tends to get busy during those times, so we have decided to take intentional breaks.

Yes! We hope that you stay with your group, but we understand if you need to take a break or find a group that works better with your schedule.

This will depend on your group leader. Some groups will go over the sermon from Sunday morning, which is designed to apply the message to our lives. Other groups may go through a specific topic, book or curriculum approved by our pastoral staff.

This will depend on your group. When you sign up, make sure to indicate if you have specific questions about childcare. At this time, we are asking each group to find a solution that works best for them. Our leaders have discussed different options, so they can provide you with options. We understand this is a big commitment, so please do not hesitate to ask us questions. We want to do our best to help you figure it out.

You can sign up online during our Life Group sign-up weekends. We will also take sign-ups in front of the church on those days. We will have few of these throughout the year typically in August, January and March. Make sure to check on our website or look for it in the bulletin.

There are many ways you can choose a group. Here are some things you can look for: location, time, type of study, age and stage, and multigenerational. Find the one that will work best for you. If you need help at any point, please do not hesitate to ask!