Making a Ministry Manual

A lot of time and effort went into putting together our book, and we want to open up our process to you! Below you’ll find links to everything from the fonts we used to the publishing service that printed our books. Feel free to tweak what we’ve made or use it exactly as it is in your own ministries.

Our Goal

This project began with an idea to give each of our volunteers the same level of training to equip & inspire them to take what they have learned & use their unique gifts & abilities to serve with Kids & Students.

We want to share the information that is on this website and in our training manual to help other churches in their process to creating resources for volunteers in their ministries.

Step 1: Content

For our team at Arbor Road, Google Drive was the best place for us to keep our drafts & keep track of the edits we were making.

We created separate entries for each training topic & worked through each one until we were satisfied with the content.

We used a number of different sources to round out our training material. If you’re interested in taking a look at our references, click below.

Step 2: Design

We used Adobe InDesign & Photoshop to help us organize our content & create a front cover.

We used these fonts:

Step 3: Publication

We used Blurb to publish our book. There are so many other publishing sites out there, but for us, Blurb seemed to fit all of our needs.

Blurb also offers an InDesign plug-in & desktop plug-in to help you format your pages to fit their printing template. You can find the link to these resources here.