Arbor Road Church Strategic Mission’s Plan

Mission Statement: In alignment with the vision of Arbor Road Church,“to know God and make Him known”, the ARC Missions Leadership Team exists to“Multiply Transformational Churches through Strategic Collaboration.”

Values for Our Partners

  1. Biblical Foundation – Partners and their ministries will be rooted in sound Christian doctrine and solid Bible teaching.
  2. Church Planting – Partners will plant churches that will plant churches.
  3. Leadership Training – Partners will empower transformational leaders for effectiveness and multiplication.
  4. Unreached and Under-Reached Peoples – Partners will minister intentionally to unreached* people groups and under-reached** peoples.
  5. Partnership – Partners will work in equal partnerships with sister churches and agencies to accomplish our mission.
  6. Working Relationships – Partners will work to foster a genuine, mutually beneficial relationship with Arbor Road Church and the Missions Leadership Team.
  7. Cooperation – We prefer that our partners serve with competent agencies (such as Converge Worldwide) that share our values.
  8. Teamwork – Partners will serve as part of a team. We will appoint mission partners from our church who are willing to serve in team. We will evaluate the larger team that our partners serve with for competency, health, and vision.
  9. Diligence and Productivity – Partners will strive to achieve measurable, context appropriate results.
  10. Vision – Partners will have vision for the future, including annual goals. Partners will submit a yearly performance report to the Missions Leadership Team for review.
  11. Cross-cultural Sensitivity – Partners will apply contextualization by working with national leadersunderstanding that evangelism, discipleship and worship will be practiced differently in each culture.  
  12. Healthy Missiology – Partners will be able to demonstrate the necessity and viability of their placement in their given context versus another individual or agency. (ie.  Would it be better if an American or a national were performing this particular service in this location?)
  13. Experience – Partners will demonstrate a proven track record of experience in the type of ministry they will be performing.
  14. Character – Partners will consistently and evidentially demonstrate honesty, purity, and integrity in both public and private spheres as outlined in Psalm 15.
  15. Sending – Partners will train nationals for cross-cultural mission.
  16. Health – Partners will provide periodic assessment in the area of spiritual, emotional, and physical health as a condition for ongoing partnership. We will work with sending agency representatives to resolve any situations where the health of a supported partner seems at risk.

Values for Mission Committee

  1. Prayer – We will pray regularly for our partners, our church body, our staff, and our own wisdom and direction as a committee.
  2. Sending – We will actively promote, train and appoint ARC members for both short term and career missions.
  3. Encouragement – Because we appreciate the unique challenges associated with cross-cultural living, as a supporting church we will work to encourage each global partner we support.
  4. Accountability – We will hold our partners accountable to our mission and values through review of annual reports, correspondence, observation, and second-hand reports.
  5. Pathways to appointment – We will create pathways to appointment including mentoring, apprenticeships, internships, education, cross-cultural experience, and service opportunities.
  6. Engagement – We will seek new avenues to engage our church body in active collaboration with our partners through prayer, giving, correspondence, and service. We will place a special emphasis on engaging children, youth, and young adults.
  7. Mission Education – We will educate the church about global mission principles and partnerships through:
  8. Encouraging Teaching Pastors to make annual trips to visit current or potential partners
  9. Pre-field education and post-field debriefing and reporting for all short term individuals and teams
  10. Exposure of short term teams and global partners to the general congregation through various communication outlets including the missions website and introductions during Sunday services.
  11. Encouraging Missions Leadership Team members to take the Perspectives class
  12. Incorporating missions education into children and youth curricula
  13. Demanding excellence in mission presentations and communication
  14. Ensuring that every missionary has an ongoing supportive relationship with at least one Sunday School Class or small group from Arbor Road Church
  15. Regularly updating information and graphics presented through various media platforms
  16. Open invitation to all people to come and visit our Mission Briefings. 
  17. Working Relationships – We will develop healthy team culture in Missions Leadership Team through honest dialogue, transparency, trust, objectivity, and increased social interaction.
  18. Leadership Training – We will provide funding for the chairman and/or team members to attend networking events, training, and field visits.
  19. Vision – We will have vision for the future, including annual goals. The Missions Leadership Team will submit a yearly performance report to the ARC Elder Board for review and presentation at the annual business meeting.
  20. Familiarity – We will acknowledge our preference of sending partners who are known personally to us either because they have personal experience at ARC or come highly recommended by an ARC member.
  21. Compassion – We will value ministries of compassion, humanitarian aid, justice, community development, and support for victims of violence and exploitation where they align with our overarching mission.


*unreached people group—a people group with less than one-half of one percent evangelical (.005% Christian)

**under-reached people group—a people group with less than 2% Christian