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Summer Social

Our first Summer Social was a success!

We had a total of 100 people in 10 different homes sharing a meal and getting to know one another. One of my favorite parts of the night (and there were a lot) was spending time at the Towne Center and listening to people share their experiences. It was encouraging to hear how excited everyone was and their desire for more socials.

As I reflect on this event, I am reminded of our series through the book of Acts. Sharing meals together in homes played a vital role in the early church. It characterized a lot of Jesus’ ministry as well. I love how this event allowed us to be the church even outside the walls of our building. I’m thankful for all who participated and especially the hosts who opened up their homes. My desire is that as Life Groups get rolling, socials would serve as a way for people from different groups, as well as those not involved in small groups, to build community as a whole church.

-Alan Kim, Pastor of Small Groups

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