Why Sunday Nights?

We continue to be in prayer for our entire church family as we all navigate the scenario we’ve been handed since March of this year.  Covid-19 has disrupted the norms in ways none of us could have…or WOULD HAVE wished when 2020 got fired out of the cannon 8 months ago.  But, we all continue to roll with the punches and make the best of what we’ve got.

We’ll continue to pour our hearts into our livestream until we can all be back together again.  Along the way, we’ll keep looking for opportunities to expand our reach while walking arm in arm with the neighbors in our community.  There are currently no guidelines for outdoor meetings for churches (in terms of size).  So we’re excited to open a new service along those lines.

Join us on Sunday Nights! Our West lot will be open from 4:30PM-6:30PM with the service beginning at 5PM and ending at 6PM. That gives you some time on each end to get their early…connect with others…and get set!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so excited to gather together, in person! Please see the list of FAQs if you have any questions regarding our time together.

Join us in the West Lot from 5-6pm. We look forward to seeing you!

Masks will be required walking to and from your seating location or anytime you are up walking around.

Seating will NOT be provided. Please bring your own beach or lawn chairs, blankets, cushions, etc.

Yes! As an outdoor gathering, we are permitted to gather together but will continue to be diligent with now-standard protocols of physical distancing, etc. We are excited to worship Jesus as a family in this open-air environment!

Yes! We welcome and encourage you to bring your children. They will be sitting with you, so please remember to bring something for them to sit on. We will provide activities to keep them busy during the service if needed.

For some, an evening service may get a little chilly. Dress appropriately or bring a blanket for warmth.

Unmasked singing will be allowed. If you or your family feels uncomfortable with that practice, you are free to wear your mask during our worship time through singing.

Please park in the East Parking lot, by Pan Am Park, or in the neighborhood and walk over.

We will continue to Live Steam our 10am service on Sunday mornings at Live.ArborRoad.com. Our evening services will not be Live Streamed at this time.