Terms & Conditions 2016 VMA’s


  • Make a music video with your friends that is creative, captivating and clean.
  • Submit the video to our contest no later than SUNDAY, October 23rd at midnight.
  • You can win Best Video of the Year and other prizes for other categories.

Content Rules

Videos must…

– Be at least 45 seconds and no longer than 300 seconds (5 minutes).
– Avoid explicit content. This includes language, images, direct and suggestive references.
– Have at least 4 “Participants” involved in the making of the video. Only participants are eligible to win a prize. Participants submitting the video are responsible to communicate to all members of the production who will be listed as a the Lead Participant.
– A video must be submitted as either a high school video or a middle school video. If video has participants from both middle school and high school as of October 2016, the category will be determined by the majority age of participants (If equal number, it will be considered a high school video).
– Participants must be able to prove enrollment in Middle School or High School if necessary.

Best Video of the Year Contest

All videos submitted will be in the contest for “Best Video of the Year”.

An “Internal Panel” of judges will nominate 5-7 videos for the contest. Those 7 videos will then be distributed to a panel of 5 “Best Of” judges. “Best Of” Judges will be chosen by the Internal panel and will not have direct relationships with any of the students that are making the videos.

The “Best Of” judges will vote for their top 3 videos, with 1st receiving 5 points. 2nd receiving 2 points and 3rd receiving 1 point. Points will be totaled and a winner will be determined. In the event of a tie, voting will take place again for the videos that tied for first place, with the winner being determined by a majority of the “Best Of” judges votes.

Results will remain confidential until the announcement at the awards ceremony, October 26, 2016.

Individual Participants of the winning video must be present upon announcement in order to be eligible for receiving a prize. If you need an exception, please apply for one byOctober 23, 2016 by emailing Nick Ranieri (nickranieri@arborroad.com). Only participants that have been approved will be exempt from this rule.

Participants will choose the prize package upon submission of video.

Prize Package:

Prize packages will be worth up to $300 or more.

  • Best Buy Prize Package
  • Ticketmaster Prize Package

Categories Contest:

  • Best Single Shot Video: No edits, single shot, (takes most planning, requires no editing)
  • Best Dance Video: Original Choreography or Performing another artist’s moves
  • Best Costume & Make-Up Video- Wow us with your creativity
  • Artist to Watch Video: Video by 6th grader or 9th grader that shows potential.
  • Funniest Video: Make us laugh. HARD.
  • People’s Choice Video: Everyone’s favorite video

Categories will receive various prizes. Judging will be done by the Internal Panel. Participants of the winning videos must be present upon announcement in order to be eligible for receiving a prize.

Additional Rules

– Students are ENCOURAGED to can be Participants in multiple videos.

– Arbor Road Church is not responsible for any errors in the submission process. Participants enter into their own agreement regarding compensation.

– Participants produce videos at their own risk. This includes but is not limited to damaged equipment, production injuries, legal and copyright infringements.

– If a video does not meet the rules criteria, the producers listed during submission will be notified and given a 48 hour grace period for their video to be resubmitted. Only one grace period per video.

– Parody songs with original lyrical content are acceptable.

– Lead Participant will receive all emails. This is the only difference between Lead Producers and Participants.

– Arbor Road Church reserves the right to deny entrance of any video or any producer at their discretion.

– Submission of a video is providing Arbor Road Church permission to screen, distribute and use parts or all of the video at their discretion.