VMAs 2021 Complete Terms and Conditions


Create a video and enter it in up to 3 specific categories in order to compete at the Video Meme Awards Show. All videos must be turned in by 11:59pm on Monday January 18th in order to be considered. All entered videos are automatically entered for Best Video of the Year.



All videos must…

  • Be 1-minute or less in length
  • Not include explicit content or material from a source known for its explicit content. This includes language, images, and direct/suggestive references
  • Be created by middle school and/or high school students
  • Be submitted by one member, but include the names of all the students who worked on it
  • Be submitted into 1-3 categories


  • The Cringe: make us feel real awkward watching these
  • Best Duet: Duet your video with another to copy or interact with it
  • Vine Never Dies: a video that is 6-seconds or less that makes us keep wanting to watch it over and over
  • Best Edit: a video that displays the cleanest and most professional editing skills
  • Funniest Video: make us ROFL!
  • Got Talent: Show us your best talent


  • People’s Choice: a crowd favorite, voted on at the VMAs event
  • Best Middle School Video 
  • Best High School Video 


  • All submitted videos will be entered for Best Video


  • An “Internal Panel” of judges will nominate 5-7 videos for the contest. Those videos will then be distributed to a panel of 5 unbiased “Best Of” judges. “Best Of” Judges will be chosen by the Internal panel and will not have direct relationships with any of the students that are making the videos
  • The “Best Of” judges will vote for their top 3 videos, with 1st receiving 5 points. 2nd receiving 3 points and 3rd receiving 1 point. Points will be totaled and the winner will be determined
  • In the event of a tie, voting will take place again for the videos that tied for first place, with the winner being determined by a majority of the “Best Of” judges votes
  • Results will remain confidential until the announcement at the awards ceremony, February 16th, 2020
  • Individual participants of the winning video must be present upon announcement in order to be eligible for receiving the prize. In the case that someone knows they cannot make it to the event, they must inform Tony Landini (tonylandini@arborroad.com) by 11:59pm on Friday February 21st to qualify.


  • Trophy and gift card for each of the category winners
  • Trophy and $300 cash for the Best Video category



  • All submissions must be submitted to this website by 11:59pm on Monday January 11th
  • You may select up to 3 categories to submit your video into
  • All videos must be uploaded to Youtube with the title of the video starting as “Arbor Road Church VMAs – ***insert title here***”
  • If there are any issues regarding video submissions, please contact Tony Landini (tonylandini@arborroad.com) before the deadline


  • Students are encouraged to make multiple videos
  • Arbor Road Church is not responsible for any errors in the submission process. Participants enter into their own agreement regarding compensation
  • Participants produce videos at their own risk. This includes but is not limited to damaged equipment, production injuries, legal and copyright infringements
  • If a video does not meet the content rules criteria, the producers listed during submission will be notified and given a 48-hour grace period for their video to be resubmitted
  • Parody songs with original lyrical content are acceptable
  • Arbor Road Church reserves the right to deny entrance of any video or any producer at their discretion
  • Submission of a video is providing Arbor Road Church permission to screen, distribute and use parts or all of the video at their discretion