Web of Support

As a Small Group Leader, you play an important role in the life of a kid/student. At the same time, the burden does not solely fall on you. Our hope is that you are one of many people in their web of support. A web of support is a group of people that are investing into the lives of kids and students. These people can include parents, teachers, coaches, church members and more. God has graciously placed people around our kids and students to support them in their walk with Him. We believe this will be beneficial for the life of our kids and students knowing they have a solid group of people praying and caring for them.

At Arbor Road a goal of youth ministries is to foster lifelong intergenerational relationships that outlast a student’s season of youth.

Research shows that these relationships are one of three key factors in students remaining connected with church beyond their time in Youth Ministry. It’s exciting to consider that your investment can outlast your time with the student in that ministry.

As you lead, see your role in the the context of a kid’s or student’s entire web of support that can be developed over time. The more that we affirm other influences that are united by the Spirit of God through the clarity and consistency of the Bible, the greater impact we can have together.

  • Imagine God using Arbor Road as a safe place united in love for an individual!
  • Celebrate the consistency that is brought through a clear teaching of God’s Word
  • Consider the impact that four Small Group Leaders can have over a twelve year period!

Over a few years God can use you as a part of many individuals’ Webs of Support