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Events this week

Events this week


  • Our Preppies and Kid U Wednesday night programs are growing, and we need your help to nurture the hearts of our 4-year-old through 3rd grade aged kids. For more info and to volunteer, email
  • 45 Small Group Game Day – Tonight, Wednesday, September 22, 6:30pm. Come ready to have fun and play games with your small group!
  • HSM Late Night – Saturday, September 25-Sunday, September 26. A 2-part event that goes into the wee hours of the night. Click here to register.
  • Hymn Sing – Sunday, September 29, 5pm in A125. Join us for a time of worship and singing our favorite hymns.
  • SAFE Arbor – Sunday, September 29, 6:30pm in A111. We are a group of foster and adoptive parents who gather monthly for support, encouragement, community building, and prayer.
  • MSM Night Games – Friday, October 8, 6:30pm. Middle schoolers, it’s back! Enjoy a night of fun, competitive nighttime games! Invite your friends! Click here to register.
  • Wednesday Nights Security Serving Opportunity – Because of how much is happening on our campus on Wednesday nights and our desire to keep safety a priority, we are seeking to start a Security Team of men to patrol the campus during our mid-week ministries. If you have any children involved or have ever benefited personally from the ministry on Wednesday nights, we ask that you highly consider serving in this capacity. For more info, email

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