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Who We Are

Our internship program trains and sends leaders who are able to make a Kingdom Impact here and beyond. Our Intern program is geared toward anyone who seeks to make an influence in ministry, the marketplace, or any place the Lord has them. Internships currently run from August-May and interns serve 10 hours a week under their ministry supervisors.

What We Value


Mentorship  — Weekly 1×1 time with Direct Supervisors.

Opportunity — We entrust our interns with significant work, not just basic tasks.

Development — We equip interns with information and skills that will impact their head, heart, and hands.

Personalization — No 2 internships are exactly the same. We customize it to fit the hopes and goals of the intern.

Camaraderie  — You get to play and learn alongside a group of peers interning in other roles.

What to expect

  • 10 hours a week 
  • $2,000 stipend 
  • Weekly Cohort Meeting Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm
  • Weekly one on one meeting with your supervisor 
  • Scheduled ministry times (these vary depending on the ministry you are interning for) 
  • Fall Weekend Intern Retreat (We will provide the dates this Summer)
  • Spring Conference (We will provide the dates this Summer)

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What Does the Weekly Cohort Meeting Look Like?

We take 60 minutes each Wednesday from 3:30-4:30pm pm to pour in to you through interactive training.

This takes on a variety of forms – so if you’re thinking it’s a boring classroom, you’re missing it. Our interns don’t simply learn through observation but through hands-on learning. Our meetings will focus on developing one of the four categories; head (knowledge) , heart (experience), hands (practice), play (camaraderie and connection). Many sessions will bring in staff or speakers to give you the opportunity to hear and learn from a variety of leaders that are experts on the topics.  Having trained over a hundred interns in more than 70 years of impact, we consistently hear leaders share that the training they received was worth the investment.

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Our application Process

Applications are open August-March for the following year.
Once we receive your application:

  1. Connect — Corinne or Tony will meet with you after receiving your application
  2. Interviews — We start conducting interviews in March
  3. Selection — Our Intern Cohort is finalized by May

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