Make Him known

what is the Make Him known campaign?

We are excited to say that we've reached our goal of raising $250,000 by our 75th Birthday in November of this year! Through your generous above and beyond giving, we have funded over 750 churches, and we won't stop there. Continue to give at the link below until November to contribute to this campaign.

We’ve joined hands with The Timothy Initiative to plant 750+ new churches in some of the most remote, unreached places in the world! Every dollar raised will go directly to bringing the good news to lost people in India and Nepal.

the timothy initiative

The Timothy Initiative (TTI) partners with local leaders in some of the least reached areas of the world to train disciple makers and church planters.

The mission is very easy to understand. Make Disciples Who Make Disciples. These disciple makers are known as “Timothys.” 

When a Timothy plants a TTI church, they disciple two other people in their church to eventually go through TTI’s training and plant in their own village and the process continues.

We want to help plant 750 of them over this next year and it starts today! Let’s get behind it, Arbor Road. Go online to give right now!

$335 to plant 1 church

Every $335 raised allows for another Timothy to be trained and equipped to lead people to Jesus and start a disciple making church in their village!

We’re joining TTI’s ACHIEV project, which stands for A Church In Every Village. It’s an amazing challenge that is reachable as we generously give to see these Timothys trained up and sent out to fulfill the great commission.

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make him known

Our mission at Arbor Road Church is to Know God and Make Him Known.

Our founding Pastor, Norman MacPherson, moved from New York to Long Beach in 1947 to plant this church we all know and love. Next year, in November 2022, we’ll celebrate 75 years of ministry as a church!

To commemorate that milestone, we’re following Pastor MacPherson’s example to Make Him Known by helping to fund 750 needed churches in Nepal and India. Join us as we endeavor along with TTI to see a church in every village! Let’s Make Him Known!

Fully trained

The Timothy Initiative’s training materials, available in dozens of local languages, provides a great balance of Biblical and theological training, as well as church planting strategies.

There are tens of thousands of Timothys ready to be trained and sent. These are men and women who have responded to the gospel, entered into discipleship, and said “yes” to the call to share the love of Christ and make disciples.

One orphan or widow

Every TTI church plant adopts a local orphan or widow to care for in Jesus’ name. So along with the 750 churches we’re aiming to fund in Nepal and India, we’ll be extending the love of Jesus to 750 widows and orphans.

God’s Word calls for us to care for Orphans and Widows. In fact, Orphans and Widows make up two of the Great Eight outreach ministries of ARC.

We’re already making an impact here in Long Beach. We want to extend our reach by helping 750 orphans and widows across the globe.

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