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Brent Eldridge

Trent Lewis

Jeff Zabel

Nick Gisler

Alan Kim

Rich Baker


Bert Suluvale

Kathy Smalley

Aubrey Bowditch

Erica Choi

Rony Sánchez

Worship & Arts

Emily Deems

Jon Zabel


Nicole To

Zach Rogalski

Michelle Collins

Haley Downey

Tony Landini

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Amy Atkinson

Megan Marshman

Paco Ramos


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Marian Anderson

Lakewood Christian Schools

Brenda Barton

Lori Mylar

Intern Program

Grant Dewalt

Kennedy Miller

JoJo Atienza

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Daniel Pino

Jason Walhof

Elder Board

Paul Armstrong

I was born and raised in Fresno, California.  I grew up and learned to love Christ at a very early age at the First Presbyterian Church.  My faith began at...

Gregg Francabandera

I came to know Jesus as my Savior as a 17 year old  hippie at a Greg Laurie outreach at Wilson High School and turned from the dark-ness into the...

George Hillis

My family and I have been attending Arbor Road Church since 2014 after we moved to Long Beach. My wife, Lisa, grew up in this church and we truly feel...

Lee Crane

My name is Lee Crane.  My wife Lori and I have been married for almost 40 years. We have four adult children and three grandchildren.  I’ve been attending Arbor Road...

Aaron Bird

I’ve been married for 18 years to my beautiful wife, Shelly; and we have the privilege of raising two children together–one who starts high school this fall and an 11...

John Coyne

My wife Kathy and I have attended Arbor Road Church for 27 years. When we first came to Arbor Road, we taught 3rd grade Sunday school. Now we both serve...

Mark Anderson

I grew up at Arbor Road Church since my parents, Charles and Ella Anderson, met here. I was baptized in our youth ministry and remained active in it until I...

Keith Gilbert

My wife Lisa and I have been attending Arbor Road Church since 2008 with our three kids Carter (17), Brianna (14), and Claire (10). Someone from the Gilbert clan can...

John Heckert

My name is John Heckert.  My wife, Donna, and I will be married 28 years in June.  We’ve been blessed by God with two wonderful sons, Robert and Stephen, who both attended...

Phil Davis

I have been very happily married to my high school sweet heart Judy, for thirty-six years (June 13th this year.)  Judy and I have three children (adults), Joslyn, 35 years...